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Fair is Fair

Topic: Organizational Justice Publication: Journal of Management Article: Perceptions of discrimination: A multiple needs model perspective. Blogger: James Grand I know the saying goes “Life isn’t always fair – sometimes you’re the bug and sometimes you’re the windshield.” But in truth, things aren’t usually that black and white (or life and death,

C’mon, you can trust me!

Topic: Organizational Justice, Job Performance, Trust Publication: Journal of Management Article: The Relationship between being perceived as trustworthy and performance Blogger: Larry Martinez OK, so most of the research done on trustworthiness in the workplace has focused on whether or not you think that your coworkers and leaders are trustworthy and the

Catching the Creativity Bug

Topic: Creativity Publication: Journal of Management Article: Multiple tasks’ and multiple goals’ effect on creativity:  Forced incubation or just a distraction? Blogger: Benjamin Granger There’s no doubt that organizations value employee creativity. Researchers Madjar and Shalley (2008)  wanted to identify factors that influence creativity at work. Specifically, they wanted to find out the following:

A Closer Look at the Role of Work Centrality in Work-Family Conflict

Topic: Work-Life Balance Publication: Journal of Management (2008) Article: The moderating effect of work-family centrality on work family conflict, organizational attitudes, and turnover behavior. Blogger: Benjamin Granger Ever miss a child’s ball game for work? The conflict between an employee’s work role and family role is known as work-family conflict (WFC). When work