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Hiring an Army of Me

Topic: Job Analysis Publication: Personnel Psychology (SUMMER 2009) Article: Using web-based frame-of-reference training to decrease biases in personality-based job analysis: An experimental field study Author: H. Aguinis, M.D. Mazurkiewicz, E.D. Heggestad Reviewed by: Katie Bachman Job analysis is one of the cornerstones of Industrial-Organizational Psychology and the method for executing a job

Job Demands are to “I can’t” as Job Resources are to “I won’t”

Topic: Burnout, Job Analysis, Job Performance Publication: Journal of Organizational Behavior (OCT 2009) Article: How changes in job demands and resources predict burnout, work engagement, and sickness absenteeism Authors: W.B. Schaufeli, A.B. Bakker, W. Van Rhenen Reviewed By: Benjamin Granger There are many theories that explain the causes and effects of

Job Descriptions: Lost in Translation?

Topic: Decision Making, Job analysis Publication: Personnel Psychology Article: The transportability of job information across countries. Blogger: Larry Martinez I have never seen such a long article with no punch line. Taylor, Kan Shi, and Borman, armed with data from four different countries and elaborate theory-based hypotheses were at the beginning of a great rags-to-riches story (think the first 45 minutes of any Mighty Ducks