Year: 2012

Predictors of academic performance

Topic: Selection Publication: Psychology in the Schools (2011) Article: Successful graduate students: The roles of personality traits and emotional intelligence Authors: Patrick M. Grehan, Rosemary Flanagan, & Robert G. Malgady Reviewed By: Scott Charles Sitrin, M.A. Typically, in graduate school settings, the students have a history of strong academic performance and

Improving websites used to recruit applicants (Human Resource Management)

Topic: Recruiting Publication: Journal of Business and Psychology (in press) Article: Reactions to recruitment web sites: Visual and verbal attention, attraction, and intentions to pursue employment Authors: Allen, D. G., Biggane, J. E., Pitts, M., Otondo, R., & Van Scotter, J. Reviewed by: Alexandra Rechlin If you’ve looked for a

Stay Positive: The Lasting Effects of Workplace Civility Intervention (IO Psychology)

Topics: Work Environment Publication: Journal of Occupational Health Psychology (OCT 2012) Article: Getting better and staying better: Assessing civility, incivility, distress, and job attitudes one year after a civility intervention. Authors: Michael P. Leiter, Arla Day, Debra Gilin Oore, & Heather K. Spence Laschinger Reviewed By: Aaron Manier The demands

Email Etiquette: The Unwritten Rules We Follow

Topic: Culture, Decision Making Publication: Administrative Science Quarterly (SEP 2012) Article: Appeasing Equals: Lateral Deference in Organizational Communication Authors: Alison R. Fragale, John J. Sumanth, Larissa Z. Tiedens, and Gregory B. Northcraft Reviewed By: Susan Rosengarten Lets face it. We’re all addicted to checking our email. How many of us

Mental predictor of performance

Topic: Selection Publication: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (2004) Article: Academic performance, career potential, creativity, and job performance: Can one construct predict them all? Authors: Nathan R. Kuncel, Sarah A. Hezlett, & Deniz S. Ones Reviewed By: Scott Charles Sitrin, M.A. Cognitive ability – typically defined as a collection

Can Personality Become a Better Predictor of Performance? (IO Psychology)

Topic: Personality, Performance Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (NOV 2012) Article: Implicit motives, explicit traits, and task and contextual performance at work Authors: Lang, J. W. B., Zettler, I., Ewen, C., and Hulsheger, U. R. Reviewer: Neil Morelli In the world of selection, personality has often been looked at as