Month: February 2013

Give ’em the One-Two Punch!

Topic: Business Strategy, Change Management Publication: Harvard Business Review (DEC 2012) Article: Two Routes to Resilience Authors: Clark Gilbert, Matthew Eyring and Richard N. Foster Reviewed By: Susan Rosengarten Strategists at every organization worry about keeping their companies’ products and services relevant for the twenty first century. With new electronics

Your personality in 140 characters or less

Topic: Personality Publication: 2011 IEEE International Conference on Privacy, Security, Risk, and Trust, and IEEE International Conference on Social Computing Article: Our twitter profiles, our selves: Predicting personality with Twitter Authors: Daniele Quercia, Michal Kosinskii, David Stillwell, & Jon Crowcroft Reviewed By: Scott Charles Sitrin When you use Twitter, you

Performance-enhancing shouts

Topic: Sport Psychology Publication: Journal of Applied Sport Psychology (2012) Article: Something to shout about: A simple, quick performance enhancement technique improved strength in both experts and novices Authors: Amy S. Welch & Mark Tschampl Reviewed By: Scott Charles Sitrin Have you ever watched tennis – particularly the women’s professional

When women don’t reach the C-suite as often as men, benevolent sexism may be to blame

Topic: Gender, Discrimination, Development Publication: Journal of Management (NOV 2012) Article: Benevolent sexism at work: Gender differences in the distribution of challenging developmental experiences Authors: King, E. B., Botsford, W., Hebl, M. R., Kazama, S., Dawson, J. F., & Perkins, A. Reviewed by: Alexandra Rechlin Women are breaking the glass

Characteristics athletes look for in a sport-psychology practitioner

Topic: Selection Publication: Journal of Applied Sport Psychology (2012) Article: Athletes’ preferred characteristics and qualifications of sport psychology practitioners: A consumer market analysis Authors: John R. Lubker, Amanda J. Visek, Jack C. Watson II, & Darius Singpurwalla Reviewed By: Scott Charles Sitrin When choosing a sport-psychology practitioner, intercollegiate athletes prefer