Month: March 2013

Should Your Spouse Interview for You? (IO Psychology)

How well can your spouse sing your praises? Well enough to help you get that job you’ve always wanted?

This article discussed the ethical and legal issues surrounding spousal interviews for employment. Ever heard of it? Some companies are choosing to include spousal interviews as a part of their hiring process, especially for sales roles.

Job Commitment and Performance (IO Psychology)

Job involvement is related to both in-role job performance and organizational citizenship behavior, according to an investigation by Aamir Ali Chughtai of Dublin City University. Job involvement relates to the employee’s level of commitment, in-role job performance refers to how well an employee performs the formal job requirements, and organizational

Shame on you!

Bohns and Flynn assert that guilt, as compared to shame, is a more adaptive affective reaction to setbacks in the workplace.  In response to a setback or failure, an employee, among other things, can feel shame or can feel guilt.  With shame, the person may continue to feel humiliated and

Personality characteristics that make the grade

Conscientiousness, which refers to being goal-oriented and self-disciplined, and openness, which refers to being creative and curious, predict academic performance, according to University of California at Davis psychologists Erik E. Noftle & Richard W. Robins.  Across four different samples that utilized four different measures of personality, openness was the strongest