Month: November 2012

Come a Little Closer: Community diversity and inclusiveness affect organizational outcomes (IO Psychology)

Topic: Diversity Publication: Personnel Psychology (Winter 2012) Article: Crossing the threshold: The spillover of community racial diversity and diversity climate to the workplace Authors: B. R. Ragins, J. A. Gonzalez, K. Ehrhardt, & R. Singh Reviewed by: Alexandra Rechlin Organizations are looking to increase diversity in the workplace, and the

Not So Fast! Rethinking the Use of the Five-Factor Model of Personality When Studying Vocational Interests

Topic: Personality Publication: Journal of Vocational Behavior (OCT 2012) Article: The HEXACO and Five-Factor Models of Personality in Relation to RIASEC Vocational Interests Authors: Derek A. McKay & David M. Tokar Reviewed By: Thaddeus Rada In human resource management, there is a longstanding interest in the relationship between personality traits

Personality and academic performance

Topic: Selection Publication: Psychological Bulletin (2009) Article: A meta-analysis of the five-factor model of personality and academic performance Authors: Arthur E. Poropat Reviewed By: Scott Charles Sitrin, M.A. Does a student’s personality affect his or her academic performance?  Poropat thinks so, and in investigating correlates of academic performance, he reviewed

Methods Minute: Why Organizational Science Should Consider Bayesian Methods

Topic: Research Methodology, Statistics Publication: Organizational Research Methods Article: The time has come: Bayesian methods for data analysis in the organizational sciences Authors: Kruschke, J. K., Aguinis, H., and Joo, H. Reviewer: Neil Morelli If you’re like me you’ve probably heard grumbling about the limitations with traditional null hypothesis significance

Why Are You Asking Me This? Investigating Reactions to Puzzle Interviews (IO Psychology)

Topic: Interviewing, Selection Publication: Journal of Applied Social Psychology Article: Why Are Manhole Covers Round? A Laboratory Study of Reactions to Puzzle Interviews (in press) Authors: Chris W. Wright, Chris J. Sablynski, Todd M. Manson, & Steven Oshiro Reviewed By: Thaddeus Rada Despite controversy over their effectiveness, interviews remain a

Beyond Intelligence (IO Psychology)

Topic: Selection Publication: Personality and Individual Differences (in press) Article: When IQ is not everything: Intelligence, personality and academic performance at school Authors: Patrick C.L. Heaven & Joseph Ciarrochi Reviewed By: Scott Charles Sitrin, M.A. Does the most intelligent person get the best grades?  One would think that the person