Month: October 2011

If you’re a mentor, be sure to fulfill obligations

Topic: Mentoring, Human Resources Publication: Journal of Business and Psychology (in press) Article: Mentoring and psychological contract breach Authors: Haggard, D. L. Reviewed by: Alexandra Rechlin Having a mentor can lead to many positive outcomes for the protégé, but what kinds of negative outcomes might a mentor cause? Haggard (in

Tension at the Top: Why Women at the Executive Level May Not Welcome Other Women to the Club

Topic: Evidence-Based Management, Teams Publication: Organizational Behavior & Human Decision Processes (SEP 2011) Article: Female Tokens in High-Prestige Work Groups: Catalysts or Inhibitors of Group Diversification? Authors: Duguid, M. Reviewed By: Thaddeus Rada Workplace diversity is a goal that many (and hopefully most or all) organizations aspire to. In recent

Follow the Yellow Brick Road: the Path to the Understanding Interview Constructs

Topic: Interviewing, Selection, Human Resources Publication: International Journal of Selection and Assessment (March, 2011) Article: An Empirical Review of the Employment Interview Construct Literature Author: Allen I. Huffcutt Reviewed by: Jade L. Peters It can be very easy to assume a structured interview is the best technique when interviewing. It

Human Resources Selection: The Promise of Pareto-Optimal Selection Systems

Topic: Selection, Human Resources Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (SEP 2011) Article: Designing Pareto-Optimal Selection Systems: Formalizing the Decisions Required for Selection System Development Authors: De Corte, W., Sackett, P. R., & Lievens, F. Reviewed By: Thaddeus Rada Typically, when practitioners are designing a selection system, they are looking for

I/O Psychology and Sports: The Do’s and Don’ts of Handling Stress.

Topic: Selection, Human Resources, Sports Psychology Publication: The Sport Psychologist (2006) Article: Stressors, Coping, and Coping Effectiveness Among Professional Rugby Union Players. Authors: Nicholls, Adam R.; Holt, Nicholas L.; Polman, Remco C. J.; Bloomfield, Jonny Reviewed By: Scott Charles Sitrin 10, 9, 8, 7; the clock ticks down in the

The Predictive Power of Grit: How to Select Successful People

Topic: Selection, Human Resources Publication: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (2007) Article: Grit: Perseverance and passion for long-term goals Authors: Angela L. Duckworth, Christopher Peterson, Michael D. Matthews, and Dennis R. Kelly Reviewed By: Scott Charles Sitrin Imagine that you are the head of Human Resources, and are tasked

Human Resource Management: Reduce Turnover? It Depends…

Topic: Human Resource Management, Turnover Publication: Personnel Psychology (SUMMER 2011) Article: The Impact of Motivation, Empowerment, and Skill-Enhancing Practices on Aggregate Voluntary Turnover: The Mediating Effect of Collective Affective Commitment Authors: Timothy M. Gardner, Patrick M. Wright, Lisa M. Moynihan Reviewed by: Mary Alice Crowe-Taylor, Ph.D. The greater the use