Month: October 2012

When Customers Attack: Verbal Aggression and Employee Performance (IO Psychology)

Topic: Job Performance, Training, Conflict Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (SEPT 2012) Article: When Customers Exhibit Verbal Aggression, Employees Pay Cognitive Costs Authors: A. Rafaeli, A. Erez, S. Ravid, R. Derfler-Rozin, D.E. Treister, R. Scheyer Reviewed By: Ben Sher What happens when customers get angry? For starters, they may yell,

What does it take to make the grade?

Topic: Selection Publication: Perspectives on Psychological Science (2011) Article: The hungry mind: Intellectual curiosity is the third pillar of academic performance Authors: Sophie von Stumm, Benedikt Hell, and Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic Reviewed By: Scott Charles Sitrin, M.A. What predicts academic performance? Previous research has shown that both intelligence and effort do.

Making personality tests better for selection (IO Psychology)

Topic: Personality, Selection Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (AUTUMN 2012) Article: A matter of context: A meta-analytic investigation of the relative validity of contextualized and noncontextualized personality measures Authors: J. A. Shaffer & B. E. Postlethwaite Reviewed by: Alexandra Rechlin Whether or not you agree with it, your organization likely

Size Matters in Court? Determinations of Adverse Impact Based on Organization Size (IO Psychology)

Topic: Assessment, Discrimination, HR Policy, Statistics Publication: Journal of Business Psychology (JUN 2012) Article: Unintended consequences of EEO enforcement policies: Being big is worse than being bad Authors: R. Jacobs, K. Murphy, and J. Silva Reviewed By: Megan Leasher   Adverse impact occurs when neutral-appearing employment practices have an unintentional, discriminatory

Can’t we just get along? Team personality and conflict (IO Psychology)

Topics: Teams, Personality, Selection Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (SEP 2012) Article: Ready to rumble: How team personality composition and task conflict interact to improve performance. Authors: Bret H. Bradley, Anthony C. Klotz, Bennett E. Postlethwaite, & Kenneth G. Brown Reviewed By: Aaron Manier Team members need to get along

Score one for standardized tests!

Topic: Selection Publication: Psychological Bulletin (2001) Article: A comprehensive meta-analysis of the predictive validity of the graduate record examinations: Implications for graduate student selection and performance Authors: N. R. Kuncel, S. A. Hezlett, & D. S. Ones Reviewed By: Scott Charles Sitrin, M.A. Have you taken the Graduate Record Examinations

Predicting Turnover? You Might Want to Measure This (IO Psychology)

Topic: Job Attitudes, Turnover Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology Article: When and How Is Job Embeddedness Predictive of Turnover? A Meta-Analytic Investigation Authors: Jiang, K., Liu, D., McKay, P. F., Lee, T. W., & Mitchell, T. R. Reviewer: Neil Morelli Have you ever had a job where you felt like