Month: February 2010

Illegitimate Tasks – You Want Me to do What!?

Topic: Counterproductive Work Behavior Publication: Applied Psychology: An International Review (JAN 2010) Article: Illegitimate tasks and counterproductive work behavior Authors: N.K. Semmer, F. Tschan, L.L. Meier, S. Facchin, & N. Jacobshagen Reviewed By: Benjamin Granger The research on counterproductive work behavior (CWB) suggests that it often represents a form of retaliation in

Exploratory Training For Everyone! Yes, Everyone!

Topic: Training Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology: An International Review (JAN 2010) Article: Active/Exploratory training promotes transfer even in learners with low motivation and cognitive ability Authors: N. Keith, T. Richter, and J. Naumann Reviewed By: Benjamin Granger Exploratory training refers to an instructional strategy that allows trainees to explore

Imitating the Expert’s Behavior Can Diminish Organizational Performance: Here’s Why

Topic: Culture Publication: Academy of Management Journal (APR 2009) Article: The Enactment-Externalization Dialectic: Rationalization and the Persistence of Counterproductive Technology Design Practices in Student Engineering Authors: P.M. Leonardi, M.H. Jackson, A. Diwan Reviewed By: Katie Bachman What makes for an expert? In many workplaces, the idealization of an expert employee is

Organizational Citizenship: Lend a Hand and Look Good Doing It

Topic: Citizenship Behavior Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (JUL 2009) Article: Good soldiers and good actors: Prosocial and impression management motives as interactive predictors of affiliative citizenship behaviors Authors: A. M. Grant, D. M. Mayer Reviewed By: Sarah Teague In recent years, organizational citizenship behaviors (OCBs) have received considerable attention

Getting Published is Hard to Do

Topic: Off the Wall Publication: Journal of Organizational Behavior (JAN 2010) Article: Publishing today is more difficult than ever Authors: N. Ashkanasy Reviewed By: Benjamin Granger As editor-in-chief of the Journal of Organizational Behavior (JOB), Neal Ashkanasy opens the first issue of 2010 with a commentary on how dramatically publishing

The Golden Rule: Be Sweet and No One Gets Hurt

Topic: Counterproductive Work Behavior Publication: Personnel Psychology (SUMMER 2009) Article: The Relations of Daily Counterproductive Workplace Behavior with Emotions, Situational Antecedents, and Personality Moderators: A Diary Study in Hong Kong Authors: J. Yang, J.M. Diefendorff Reviewed By: Katie Bachman When workers are unhappy with their treatment at work, they tend to

To Monitor or not to Monitor Emails: That is the Question

Topic: Job Performance Publication: Academy of Management Perspectives (NOV 2009) Article: Monitoring employee emails: Is there any room for privacy? Authors: W.P. Smith and F. Tabak Reviewed By: Benjamin Granger It’s hard to imagine work without email. For many employees, email is a necessity. One potential problem with email, however,