Month: April 2012

Job-Relevant Prediction: Cognitive Ability Tests with High Criterion and Content Validity

Topic: Selection Publication: International Journal of Selection and Assessment (MAR 2012) Article: Cognitive Tests Used in Selection Can Have Content Validity as Well as Criterion Validity: A Broader Research Review and Implications for Practice Authors: Frank L. Schmidt Reviewed By: Thaddeus Rada It is a well-known fact in IO psychology

Are Five Choices Better Than Three? (IO Psychology)

Topic: Selection Publication: International Journal of Selection and Assessment Article: The three option format for knowledge and ability multiple-choice tests: A case for why it should be more commonly used in personnel testing Authors: Edwards, B. D. Arthur, W. Jr., and Bruce, L. L. Reviewer: Neil Morelli When it comes

I Don’t See It That Way: The Role of Individual Differences in Perceptions of Fairness (IO Psychology)

Topic: Fairness Publication: Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes (MAY 2012) Article: In the Eyes of the Beholder? The Role of Dispositional Trust in Judgments of Procedural and Interactional Fairness Authors: Bianchi, E. C., & Brockner, J. Reviewed By: Thaddeus Rada Scholars and practitioners in IO psychology have known for

Mixed Messages: Gender Differences in Performance and Promotability Ratings (IO Psychology)

Topic: Gender, Performance Appraisal Publication: Journal of Management (MAR 2012) Article: A Meta-Analysis of Gender Group Differences for Measures of Job Performance in Field Studies Authors: Roth, P. L., Purvis, K. L., & Bobko, P. Reviewed By: Thaddeus Rada In human resource management, we are often concerned with group-based differences

Does Asking For Help Lead to High Performance? (IO Psychology)

Topic: Learning, Personality, Job Performance Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (MAR 2012) Article: The Impact of Help Seeking on Individual Task Performance: The Moderating Effect of Help Seekers’ Logics of Action Authors: D. Geller, P.A. Bamberger Reviewed By: Ben Sher Help, I need somebody! When employees get stuck trying to

What Does Your Credit Score Say About You? (IO Psychology)

Topic: Selection, Personality Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (2012) Article: An Empirical Investigation of Dispositional Antecedents and Performance- Related Outcomes of Credit Scores Authors: Bernerth, J.B., Taylor, S.G., Walker, H.J. and Whitman, D.S. Reviewer: Neil Morelli You’ve no doubt heard the catchy jingles asking you to check your credit score.

The relationship between job performance and turnover – It’s not as simple as we thought! (IO Psychology)

Topic: Job Performance, Turnover, Culture Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (JAN 2012) Article: The effect of culture on the curvilinear relationship between performance and turnover Authors: Michael C. Sturman, Lian Shao, & Jan H. Katz Reviewed by: Alexandra Rechlin The relationship between job performance and turnover has long been thought

The Human Side of Organizational Change (IO Psychology)

 Topic: Change Management, Leadership Publication: Personnel Psychology (2012) Article: The Role of Affect and Leadership during Organizational Change Authors: M.-G. Seo, M. S. Taylor, N. S. Hill, X. Zhang, P. E. Tesluk, N. M. Lorinkova Reviewed By: Lauren A. Wood Organizational change initiatives have become increasingly commonplace in the modern

EMPOWERMENT Is Everything! What Does It Take?

Topic: Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment, Performance Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (SEP/OCT, 2011) Article: Antecedents and Consequences of Psychological and Team Empowerment in Organizations: A Meta-Analytic Review Authors: Scott E. Seibert, Gang Wang, and Stephen H. Courtright Reviewed By: Mary Alice Crowe-Taylor, Ph.D. Are you a manager or an HR

Big Decision? Take some time to think about it (IO Psychology)

Topic: Decision Making, Ethics Publication: Academy of Management Journal (FEB 2012) Article: Contemplation and conversation: Subtle influences on moral decision making Authors: Gunia, B. C., Wang, L., Huang, L., Wang, J., & Murninghan, J. K. Reviewed By: Katie Bachman In the workplace, important decisions can hinge on the ethical strength