Month: May 2009

Believe in yourself and someone just might drive a dump truck full of money to your house

Topic: Job Performance Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology Article: How the Rich (and Happy) Get Richer (and Happier): Relationship of Core Self-Evaluations to Trajectories in Attaining Work Success. Blogger: Rob Stilson OK, the scope of this article is beyond this blog (or perhaps the blogger), but I will give you the highlights and

Leadership is in the Eye of the Beholder

Topic: Diversity, Leadership Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology Article: The white standard: Racial bias in leader categorization. Blogger: Katie Bachman A recent JAP article took on the controversial topic of racism in the upper echelons of business and properly sanitized it into a palatable dinner table discussion.  In a nutshell, the

The Early Bird Gets the Worm, but the Confident Bird Gets Two

Topic: Motivation Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology Article: Self-efficacy and resource allocation: Support for a nonmonotonic, discontinuous model. Blogger: Benjamin Granger Imagine a football game in which you have the inside scoop on the competing teams’ overall self-efficacy for performing well in the upcoming game. Team A is highly confident that they will perform well and

Catching the Creativity Bug

Topic: Creativity Publication: Journal of Management Article: Multiple tasks’ and multiple goals’ effect on creativity:  Forced incubation or just a distraction? Blogger: Benjamin Granger There’s no doubt that organizations value employee creativity. Researchers Madjar and Shalley (2008)  wanted to identify factors that influence creativity at work. Specifically, they wanted to find out the following:

Oh give me a BREAK!

Topic: Emotional Intelligence, Job Performance, Wellness Publication: Academy of Management Journal Article: Making the break count: An episodic examination of recovery activities, emotional experiences, and positive affect displays Blogger: LitDigger Do your customer service employees do work-like activities during their breaks or maybe even not take their breaks at all? If you care about

What’s Your HR Policy Type?

Topic: Strategic HR Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology Article: Human resource configurations: Investigating fit with the organizational context. Blogger: James Grand Some businesses go for broke and pamper their employees from day one, starting with the all-expenses paid recruitment weekend all the way through the Golden Years retirement package, in the hopes that

How to Make an Active Learning Intervention Effective

Topic: Training Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology Article:  Active learning: Effects of core training design elements on self-regulatory processes, learning, and adaptability. Blogger: Benjamin Granger Current thinking about how employees should be trained has changed dramatically.  Instead of trainees being passive recipients of information, organizations are now employing active learning elements into their training programs. In a recent JAP article, Bell and Kozlowski (2008) took a closer