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Hold on tight: How to prevent choking under pressure

Topic: Performance Publication: Journal of Experimental Psychology: General (2012) Article: Preventing motor skill failure through hemisphere-specific priming: Cases from choking under pressure Authors: Jürgen Beckmann, Peter Gröpel, and Felix Ehrlenspiel Reviewed By: Scott Charles Sitrin, M.A. In 2012, soccer players Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo – two of the best in

Maximum vs. typical performance: Is there really a difference? (IO Psychology)

Topic: Performance Publication: Human Performance (NOV 2012) Article: The relationship between typical and maximum performance: A meta-analytic examination Authors: Beus, J.M., & Whitman, D. S. Reviewed by: Alexandra Rechlin Think about how hard you work when nobody is around. Now, think about how hard you work when your boss is

5 Challenges to Overcome When Searching for a Job

Topic: Recruiting, Unemployment Publication: Personnel Psychology Article: Navigating the black hole: Explicating layers of job search context and adaptational responses Authors: Wanberg, C., Basbug, G., Van Hooft, E.A.J., & Samtani, A. Reviewer: Neil Morelli Researchers have typically studied the job search process by focusing on how hard someone is trying,

Methods Minute: Why Organizational Science Should Consider Bayesian Methods

Topic: Research Methodology, Statistics Publication: Organizational Research Methods Article: The time has come: Bayesian methods for data analysis in the organizational sciences Authors: Kruschke, J. K., Aguinis, H., and Joo, H. Reviewer: Neil Morelli If you’re like me you’ve probably heard grumbling about the limitations with traditional null hypothesis significance