Month: September 2009

Searching for the Creative Employee

Topic: Creativity Publication: Academy of Management Journal (JUN 2009) Article: Interactive effects of growth need strength, work context, and job complexity on self-reported creative performance. Authors: C.E. Shalley, L.L. Gilson, T.C. Blum Reviewed by: Benjamin Granger A creative workforce can give an organization a unique competitive advantage over its “status quo”

Recommendations from Ten Years of Research on Training

Topic: Training Publication: Annual Review of Psychology (JAN 2009) Article: Benefits of training and development for individuals and teams, organizations and society. Authors: H. Aquinas, K. Kraiger Reviewed by: Benjamin Granger In a recent article published in the Annual Review of Psychology, Aguinis and Kraiger (2009) present a review of research

Creativity by Committee

Topic: Creativity Publication: Academy of Management Journal (APR 2009) Article: A cross-level perspective on employee creativity: goal orientation, team learning behavior, and individual creativity. Authors: G. Hirst, D. Van Kippenberg and J. Zhou Reviewed by: Katie Bachman In most cases, employee creativity is as much of a necessity for companies as

Balancing on the Tightrope of Ideal Turnover

Topic: Staffing, Turnover Publication: Academy of Management Journal (APR 2009) Article: Searching for the optimal level of employee turnover: A study of a large U.K. retail organization Authors: W.S. Siebert, N. Zubanov Reviewed by: Katie Bachman There are two ways to think about turnover. Some will tell you that turnover is bad

Eyes on the prize

Topic: Leadership, Personality, Performance Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (MAY 2009) Article:  The role of goal-focused leadership in enabling the expression of conscientiousness Authors: A.E. Colbert, L.A. Witt Reviewed By: Larry Martinez Colbert and Witt take the stance that goal-directed leadership tactics (being very directive about goals) creates an environment that allows