Month: May 2012

Getting applicants to answer biodata items more truthfully (IO Psychology)

Topic: Selection, Faking Publication: Personnel Psychology (SUMMER 2012) Article: Tell me some more: Exploring how verbal ability and item verifiability influence responses to biodata questions in a high-stakes selection context Authors: Julia Levashina, Frederick P. Morgeson, & Michael A. Campion Reviewed by: Alexandra Rechlin In the process of employee selection,

Can Mindfulness Make Your High Potentials Higher Promise? (IO Psychology)

Topic: Burnout, Leadership, Talent Management Publication: The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist (JAN 2012) Article: Accelerating the Development and Mitigating Derailment of High Potentials Through Mindfulness Training Authors: R.A. Lee Reviewed By: Chelsea Rowe High Potential employees (HiPos) are the highly sought after, cream of the crop, high performing, next generation leaders.  Senior

Just like Eminem said, “Will the real [psychological predictors] please stand up?”

Topic: Selection Publication: Sport Science Review (2010) Article: Psychological predictors of job performance and career success in professional sports Authors: R. Stanimirovic & S. Hanrahan Reviewed By: Scott Charles Sitrin, M.A. So, as the savvy employer that you are, you want to assess the personalities of the job applicants? According

How to Keep Things Stable Along Group Faultlines (IO Psychology)

Topic: Teams, Performance, Diversity Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (MAR 2012) Article: Bridging Team Faultlines by Combining Task Role Assignment and Goal Structure Strategies Authors: R. Rico, M. Sanchez-Manzanares, M. Antino, D. Lau Reviewed By: Ben Sher Group faultlines occur when different categories of people exist within a group. This

You’ve Been Tagged: On the Potential Risks and Rewards of Obtaining Applicant Information from Social Networking Sites (Human Resource Management)

Topic: Selection, Evidence Based Management, Personality Assessment Publication: Journal of Managerial Psychology (2009) Article: Future Employment Selection Methods: Evaluating Social Networking Web Sites Authors: Donald H. Kluemper & Peter A. Rosen Reviewed By: Thaddeus Rada As social networking web sites (SNWs) such as Facebook and LinkedIn become ever more popular,

Like Pulling Teeth: How to Get Greater Employee Feedback (Human Resource Management)

Topic: Feedback, Leadership, Job Attitudes Publication: Personnel Psychology Article: Ask And You Shall Hear (But Not Always): Examining the Relationship Between Manager Consultation and Employee Voice Authors: Tangirala, S., & Ramanujam, R. Reviewer: Neil Morelli Whether you’re a researcher, consultant, HR professional, or manager, you know that the best sources

Matching the diversity of your people with the diversity of your customers (IO Psychology)

Topic: Diversity, Organizational Performance Publication: Personnel Psychology (Spring 2012) Article: Is there method to the madness? Examining how racioethnic matching influences retail store productivity Authors: Derek R. Avery, Patrick F. McKay, Scott Tonidandel, Sabrina D. Volpone, & Mark A. Morris Reviewed by: Alexandra Rechlin Does employee diversity lead to better

Team Intimacy and Organizational Interventions: Emphasizing Team Cohesion May be More Effective (IO Psychology)

Topic: Teams, Development Publication: Human Resource Management Review (JUN 2012) Article: Too Close for Comfort? Distinguishing Between Team Intimacy and Team Cohesion Authors: Rosh, L., Offermann, L. R., & Van Diest, R. Reviewed By: Thaddeus Rada Within IO psychology, research on teams has become increasingly important in recent years. As