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Dealing with Difficult Customers: address the problem, not the emotion

Customers call service lines, because they have problems. Unfortunately, the negative feelings that problems can bring are probably counter-productive when it comes to getting a good solution. When dealing with difficult customers with strong negative feelings, customer service strategies that try to address the problem instead of the emotions yield the best results.

Raise employee engagement with volunteerism

More and more companies are implementing volunteer programs. So, what effect do company-sponsored volunteerism programs have on the employees who participate? Is a strong culture of volunteerism key to employee engagement? In this study, learn how a strong volunteer program is a win for the NGO, a win for the employee who volunteers, and a win for the company that sponsors volunteer programs.

Creativity and Firm Performance

In this study, the authors examined circumstances in which creativity is positively or negatively related to firm performance. They argued that the relationship between creativity and firm performance is contingent on riskiness orientation, firm size, and realized absorptive capacity. Findings indicate that creativity decreased performance in firms with risky strategies and positively affected performance in firms able to act on ideas.

Responsibly Irresponsible

While the topic of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is relatively well-researched, less is known about corporate social irresponsibility (CSiR). The authors of the present study address this gap by considering the relationship between CSR and CSiR. They predict that prior CSR is positively associated with subsequent CSiR, and that leaders’ moral identity symbolization will moderate the CSR–CSiR relationship. Through an archival study of 49 firms, findings support the hypotheses.